Calendar UYSO 2017-2018

Rehearsals 9:00-11:30 AM

Rehearsals are in normally in room 272 David Gardner Hall at the U of U.
Please bring music stand.


    • Sept. 16 First Rehearsal

      Sept. 23 Rehearsal

      Sept. 30 Rehearsal


    • Oct. 7 Rehearsal

      Oct. 14 Rehearsal

      Oct. 21 NO REHEARSAL-UEA weekend

      Oct. 28 Rehearsal


    • Nov. 4 Rehearsal

      Nov. 11 Rehearsal

      Nov. 18 Rehearsal

      Nov. 25 NO REHEARSAL - Thanksgiving


    • Dec. 2 Rehearsal

      Dec. 9 Rehearsal

      Dec. 16 Rehearsal

      Dec. 23 NO REHEARSAL

      Dec. 30 NO REHEARSAL

    • Jan. 5 Combined Rehearsal

      Jan. 6 Combined Rehearsal

      Jan. 12 Combined Rehearsal

      Jan. 13 Combined Rehearsal with Soloists

      Jan. 19 String Sectionals, no Winds or Brass

      Jan. 20 Combined Orchestras and Choirs 8:00am to 11:30am at the Tabernacle

      Jan. 26 Combined Orchestras and Choirs 4:00-7:00, at the South Salt Lake LDS Stake Center, 601 E. Mansfield Ave. 84106

      Jan. 27 Dress Rehearsal 3:00, Performance at 7:00 at the Tabernacle

    • Feb. 3 NO REHEARSAL

      Feb. 10 Rehearsal

      Feb. 17 Rehearsal

      Feb. 24 Rehearsal

    • March 3 Rehearsal

      March 10 Rehearsal

      March 17 Rehearsal

      March 24 Rehearsal

      March 31 Rehearsal

    • April 7 Rehearsal

      April 14 Rehearsal

      April 21 NO REHEARSAL - Spring Break

      April 27 Rehearsal

    • May 5 Rehearsal

      May 12 Rehearsal

      May 19 Concert in Abravanel Hall

      May 25 NO REHEARSAL

    • Rehearsals for Utah Arts Festival TBA

2017-2018 Tuition

Sheet Music

Sheet music is available online from the Petrucci Music Library.


It is the responsibility of each member musician, parent, and guardian to read the full handbook (click for PDF).


Dress Code


-All Black, FLOOR LENGTH skirt, dress, or dress pants

-Sleeves must go PAST elbow

-BLACK socks or nylons (not nude or tan color, no bare feet/legs below knee)

-Black dress shoes

-Modest neck line, modest jewelry (preferably black)



-Black suit or tuxedo

-White dress shirt

-Black BOW tie

-Black socks

-Black dress shoes