Utah Symposium for the Double Bass (USDB)

June 7 – 9, 2019

Announcing the first annual Utah Symposium for Double Bass (USDB) hosted by Ranaan Meyer in partnership with the Utah Youth Orchestra & Ensembles at the University of Utah. For bass players ages 12 and up, USDB is a full scholarship, immersive program which provides participants with the opportunity to explore the entire spectrum of the double bass. From orchestra, to solo, to jazz, participants will join the faculty in sharing their knowledge and approach to the double bass.

Registration now open. Applications will continue to be accepted until the program has reached capacity.

To register, complete THIS form. Within the form, each candidate will submit a link to a short video including their 10 best minutes of performing. Possible things to perform other than your own creative ideas could be:

  • A scale and/or arpeggio of as many or few octaves as you desire
  • Any solo or orchestra piece
  • Performance of a jazz standard either with a group or as a solo. Feel free to play the head, walk through the changes, and take a solo
  • We welcome bluegrass, folk, or any other style
  • Most importantly have fun with it!

Please submit your video in the form of an unlisted YouTube video. To create an environment conducive of creativity and the sharing of knowledge, artists will be invited to attend the USDB based on their merit, passion, ability to work with a team, and overall potential.

If you have any questions, please contact

Faculty to include:

  • Ranaan Meyer
  • Max Dimoff
  • Peter Dominguez
  • Mike Valerio

Sample Schedule (subject to change):

Day 1:

Morning: Sharing of Knowledge


Afternoon: Private Practice


Evening: Approach to the Double Bass Left hand Right hand part one

Day 2:

Morning: Approach to the Double Bass Left hand Right hand part two


Afternoon: Orchestral studies


Evening: Solo repertoire

Day 3:

Morning: Jazz


Afternoon: Masterclass


Evening: Performance practice

Workshop topics include:

Sharing of knowledge: In addition to the traditional teacher/student hierarchy, a unique component of Ranaan Meyer’s programming includes creating an all-inclusive atmosphere known as the “sharing of knowledge.” Teachers foster an environment focused on the free flow of ideas including an open dialogue, allowing for greater peer to peer learning.

Approach to the bass (Left hand & Right hand): Focusing on each hand individually while being completely aware of the body to play gracefully insuring an injury-free musical future.

Orchestral studies: Students will learn what it means to be a professional orchestral double bass player through discussion and hands on analysis of the most commonly performed orchestral music.

Solo literature: The study of repertoire that puts the spotlight on the double bass performer.

Improvisation: With a strong technical foundation, students learn to escape the written page to fully explore their musical personality and artistic intuition. Improvisation will push students beyond their comfort zone to discover their own musical voice while releasing performance inhibitions.

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