Utah Symposium for the Double Bass

June 30, July 2, 6, and 8

Announcing the second annual Utah Symposium for Double Bass (USDB) hosted virtually by Ranaan Meyer in partnership with the Utah Youth Orchestra & Ensembles. For bass players ages 12 and up, USDB is a full scholarship, immersive program which provides participants with the opportunity to explore the entire spectrum of the double bass. From orchestra, to solo, to jazz, participants will join in sharing their knowledge and approach to the double bass.

This year within our virtual format we will be utilizing social media alongside zoom masterclass performances to collaborate and learn. Your 1 minute video submission will receive detailed comments and interaction with Ranaan via Instagram and Facebook to individualize your experience and open others to learn and grow from these tips. Access to the one hour zoom masterclasses held on June 30, July 2, 6, and 8 at 11am MST will be sent to you via email and will focus on specific topics. Topics may include improvisation, approach to the bass (right and left hand technique), vibrato and each masterclass will conclude with a Q&A segment.

Registration opens on May 1st!

To register, complete THIS form and . Within the form, each candidate will submit a link to a 1 minute video showcasing their best performance.  Possible things to perform other than your own creative ideas could be:

  • A scale and/or arpeggio of as many or few octaves as you desire

  • Any solo or orchestra piece

  • Performance of a jazz standard either with a group or as a solo. Feel free to play the head, walk through the changes, and take a solo

  • We welcome bluegrass, folk, or any other style

  • Most importantly have fun with it!

Please submit your video in the form of an unlisted YouTube video. To create an environment conducive of creativity and the sharing of knowledge, artists will be invited to attend the USDB based on their merit, passion, ability to work with a team, and overall potential. Inclusive of all bass players

If you have any questions, please contact